Public Disclosure of Community Project Funding Requests

Project Name: Shasta Community Health Center Mothers, Babies, and Children's Center
Requested Amount: $750,000
Intended Recipient: Shasta Community Health Center
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 1024 Placer Rd, Redding, CA 96001
Explanation of the request: To improve access to care, SCHC is building a two-story 31,400 sq. ft. medical facility to integrate maternity, women's health (paps, breast screenings, etc.) & pediatric services. The land was purchased by SCHC in June 2019. It is located directly across from their main health center. There are 30,980 women of childbearing age and over 2,000 births annually. Half the births in the county are to women who depend on Medi-Cal. Further, the county is impacted by high ACE scores, twice that of the state, and women and ethnic minorities are at greatest risk. ACEs are linked to chronic health issues, mental illness, and substance use in adulthood. Evidence shows that ensuring a strong start for children through access to enhanced resources, including primary care, can help prevent ACEs. This new Mother's, Babies, & Children's Center is positioned within SCHC's main hub of services and will strengthen linkages to care. 
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Project Name: North San Juan Fire Suppression System
Requested Amount: $1,050,000
Intended Recipient: County of Nevada
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 1950 Maidu Ave, Ste. 200, Nevada City, CA 95959
Explanation of the request: This project would install a 330,000-gallon water storage tank, pipeline, and fire hydrants in the downtown core of North San Juan, CA, which currently lacks public water service and an emergency water pipeline for fire suppression. This pressurized fire-flow system is essential to public safety and future economic growth of the community, as additional land use and construction permits cannot be issued unless fire suppression and potable water supply can be demonstrated (which, currently, requires new development projects to either drill a new well and install a water storage tank OR form a legal agreement with an existing business who already has that and is willing to share their water).  
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Project Name: Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications Lassen County Broadband
Requested Amount: $5,333,597
Intended Recipient: Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 73233 CA-70, Portola, CA 96122
Explanation of the request: The Plumas-Sierra Telecommunications Lassen County Broadband Project will provide service to 507 households with speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte per second. No healthcare or educational facilities will be served, but the project would enable households ot participate in telemedicine and online education.  
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Project Name: Vac-Con Combo Sewer & Storm Drain Cleaner Truck
Requested Amount: $478,000
Intended Recipient: City of Anderson
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 1887 Howard St, Anderson, CA 96007
Explanation of the request: New Sewer/Storm Drain cleaner truck services 4,805 customers' sewage pipelines, and ensures all discharge regulations are met, as Anderson is a direct discharger into the Sacramento river. This truck is also needed to repair broken waterlines, potholes, and the vacuum component greatly helps with conducting delicate utility work around electrical, sewer, and water lines. 
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Project Name: NCSO Radio Infrastructure Improvements
Requested Amount: $4,800,000
Intended Recipient: Nevada County Sheriff's Department
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, CA 95959
Explanation of the request: This project would provide an upgraded Public Safety-grade communications solution to replace an obsolete and partially operable system that is no longer supported by its manufacturer. Current radio towers and system limit communications within Nevada County for all agencies. These essential upgrades will enhance usability and effectiveness of radio communications, implement a DOJ mandate for encrypted communications, allow for monitoring and securing operations for life, safety and sustainability and long-term maintainability. The upgrades are also critical for allowing interoperability with other State and Federal agencies to support emergency operations with CAL FIRE and Tahoe National Forest wildfire protection and mitigation efforts. 
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Project Name: Placer County Body-Worn Camera Program
Requested Amount: $580,000
Intended Recipient: County of Placer
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 7175 Fulwiler Ave, Auburn, CA 95603
Explanation of the request: Once fully implemented, the BWC program would be managed by the Sheriff's Office and will consist of 260 cameras issued to all deputies and executive staff, and 130 cameras for use in the Sheriff's Correctional Division. This is for a total of 490 cameras along with necessary security and storage capacity. 
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Project Name: Upgraded Radios for Paradise Police Department
Requested Amount: $615,363
Intended Recipient: Town of Paradise
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 5555 Skyway, Paradise, CA 95969
Explanation of the request: Prior to the Camp Fire devastating the Town of Paradise on November 8, 2018, Paradise had a robust VHF radio network installed prior to January 1, 2013, in compliance with FCC requirements to narrow band our frequencies. The Camp Fire destroyed the radio network connections throughout the Town of Paradise. Since the Camp Fire, Paradise has been operating on a combination of our transmitter and a single surviving repeater, and Butte County's Butte Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS), a new 700 MHz trunked radio network. None of Paradise's portable (hand-held) or mobile (car) radios work on the County's network, so temporary patches are in place to interconnect legacy VHF systems to the new BRICS 700 MHz network. The Town's remaining VHF radio infrastructure, including nearly all portable and mobile radios, are "end of life" and no longer supported by the manufacturer for hardware or software repairs or updates. The Town of Paradise intends to purchase new portable and mobile radio equipment that will operate on the BRICS network, be supported by the manufacturer for hardware and software maintenance, repairs or updates, and comply with all current FCC regulations, to provide the greatest interoperability of our radio equipment and provide flexibility and longevity of our systems and equipment. These radios will provide the foundation upon which the rest of the Town's two-way radio communications infrastructure can be built. Ultimately, the Town of Paradise is working toward joining Butte County in their regional radio network approach to minimize infrastructure replacement costs and maximize interoperability of equipment. 
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Project Name: Ponderosa West Grass Valley Defense Zone
Requested Amount: $1,750,000
Intended Recipient: County of Nevada
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 950 Maidu Ave. Ste. 200, Nevada City, CA 95959
Explanation of the request: The funding would be used for a fuels reduction treatment project on 600 acres of private lands which are currently overgrown with dense vegetation that has not been treated in decades. The project would protect approximately 3,000 residents in the WUI communities of Lake Wildwood, Penn Valley, Rough and Ready, and the city of Grass Valley, as well as critical infastructure for state commerce, such as State Highway 20, power and water infrastructure, and Nevada County facilities. Within one mile of the project, there are seven churches, 12 bridges, six schools, three fire stations, two government buildings, and four emergency shelter sites including the county fairgrounds. The area has not burned for over 100 years and fuels have been largely unmanaged and increase risk of wildfire. The primary vegetation type is brush and timber; other types include oak woodland with a minimal grass and moderate brush component.  
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Project Name: Chico Sewer Master Plan Project P-18 Trunkline
Requested Amount: $8,000,000
Intended Recipient: City of Chico 
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 411 Main Street, PO Box 3420, Chico, CA 95927
Explanation of the request: The funding requested for this project will be used to assist the City of Chico in meeting its planned growth efforts, as outlined in their 2030 General Plan. Specifically, this project includes nearly four miles of new sewer trunklines that will service portions of Chico which are planned to help address the post-Camp fire housing crisis in the region - as well as new planned community facilities such as schools, community parks, and senior living centers. In addition, the project will serve as a connection for another sewer project in Paradise, CA.  
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Project Name: Oroville Veterans Memorial Park, ADA Accessibility, and River Access Improvement Project
Requested Amount: $1,400,000
Intended Recipient: County of Butte
Full Street Address of Intended Recipient: 25 County Center Drive, Oroville, CA 95965
Explanation of the request: The funding requested for this project will be used to finish construction of the Oroville Veterans Memorial Park (OVMP), adjacent to the existing Oroville Veterans Memorial Hall (OVMH), providing critical ADA access to the Hall, and to Feather River recreational opportunities. Both the OVMP and OVMH are permanent memorials which recognize military veterans associated with Butte County and honor the County's Medal of Honor recipients. 
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