LaMalfa Votes to Impose New Sanctions on Iran, Russia, and North Korea

Jul 25, 2017
Press Release

(Washington, DC) – Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) issued the following statement after the House passed H.R. 3364, the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, which imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea. The bill also gives Congress the authority to review any change in sanctions involving Russia.

LaMalfa said: “America has no shortage of dangerous adversaries around the world. Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism that continues to be a direct threat to our strong ally Israel, as well as American interests. Russia continues to undermine the sovereignty of both its neighbors and the U.S., while North Korea has further escalated attempts to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of threatening the U.S. and our allies. Each of these countries pose a serious threat to American interests, and these new sanctions will hold them accountable for their actions. Ultimately, Congress should have the final say when it comes to placing or removing sanctions on any foreign country, and this bipartisan legislation begins to establish that. Had this policy been in place during the last administration, Congress could have stopped the horrible Iran deal that gave billions to Iran and allowed them to develop nuclear weapons – while putting them on the fast track towards obtaining intercontinental ballistic missiles. I hope the Senate and the President act quickly to move this important legislation forward and send a strong message to our adversaries.”

Congressman Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District, including Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties.