LaMalfa Responds to President Trump’s Speech on Immigration

Jan 8, 2019
Press Release
(Washington, DC) – Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) issued the following statement after President Donald Trump addressed the nation to urge Congress to increase security at the U.S. southern border.
LaMalfa said: “President Trump is right – the situation at our southern border is a humanitarian and national security crisis. Over the last two months, we’ve seen an 86% increase in the amount of illegal immigrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents compared to the same period last year. The status quo is dangerous and is inflicting harm on real people and real families. Walls work – in sections of the southern border where a physical barrier is already present, we’ve seen a marked decrease in illegal immigration, notably in San Diego, where illegal traffic has dropped 92% since a barrier was built in 1992. Democrats do have some history of supporting physical barriers at the southern border. What has changed? They seem only to oppose it now to impede this President. Their unwillingness to negotiate speaks volumes about their priorities to defy a president and the overwhelming numbers of Americans that want solutions, not gridlock. The President has issued the challenge tonight with a comprehensive plan. There are no excuses not to debate and legislate one accordingly.”
Congressman Doug LaMalfa is a lifelong farmer representing California’s First Congressional District, including Butte, Glenn, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Placer, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou and Tehama Counties.