House Approves Land Transfer of Former Over-The-Horizon Backscatter Site to Modoc County

Jul 21, 2020
Press Release

(Modoc County, CA) – Congressman Doug LaMalfa issued the following statement after the House passed H.R. 6395, the National Defense Authorization Act, which included an amendment requesting the former site of an Over-The-Horizon Backscatter (OTHB) Radar System located in Modoc National Forest be sold to Modoc County by the U.S. Forest Service. Despite not being active since 1991, this land remains leased to the Air Force until they remove all buildings, power lines, and other infrastructure on the property. This amendment rids the Air Force of that responsibility and transfers the land and its existing infrastructure to Modoc County to be used for economic development purposes, specifically solar or biomass energy. 

LaMalfa said: “This old radar site has been sitting, unused for nearly 30 years. Rather than asking the Air Force to spend millions to remove all of infrastructure on the land, this amendment offers a unique opportunity for economic development in Modoc County. This is a win for taxpayers and common sense. This land is ready to be used; it has utilities and fiber-optic broadband already in place.  It doesn’t make sense for taxpayers to have to pay to install this infrastructure, then pay to remove it, just so the land could go back to the Forest Service.  With the passage of the NDAA, I am pleased to see Congress allow the Forest Service to transfer the land to the County and encourage private investment here in the rural North State.”