June 28th-- Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act

Jun 28, 2015
Past E-Newsletters

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This past week, the Supreme Court released its ruling on King v. Burwell, upholding Obamacare's subsidies in states that chose not to set up their own exchange. The Court shirked in its duty to hold the President accountable to the exact legislation he signed into law, which clearly states that individuals can only receive health care subsidies through an exchange established by the state. Although no amount of rewriting will solve the disastrous impacts Obamacare is having on our patients, doctors, and small businesses nationwide, the House will contuinue to work hard to offset these destructive consequences. Last week I supported the passage of H.R. 1190, the Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act, which would repeal Obamacare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). Our seniors’ care should not be subject to the decisions made by an unelected board of fifteen bureaucrats in Washington who get to decide which treatments, services, and providers are deemed ‘necessary.’ I will continue working to advance solutions that give the American people health care system they deserve, not one that leaves them burdened with expensive premiums and subpar care.

Below are some recent highlights from DC and the North State. To stay in touch with me throughout the week and to share your thoughts with me, follow me on Facebook and email me via my website.


Doug LaMalfa

Rep. LaMalfa speaks on the House Floor in support of HR 1190, the Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act. To view his speech, click here.


Rep. LaMalfa speaks in support of House Resolution 140, a bipartisan resolution he authored to designate August 2015 as Blue Star Mothers of America month. Blue Star Mothers of America is a non-profit, non-partisan, service organization of mothers whose son or daughter currently or previously served in the United States Armed Forces. This organization supports American troops by providing hundreds of thousands of care packages, sending letters to troops stationed overseas, and hosting thousands of events and ceremonies. They should be recognized for their important work.

DC and District Happenings

Rep. LaMalfa visits with 55 students from Magnolia Intermediate School in Grass Valley on the steps of the Capitol. I had a robust discussion with these eighth grade graduates about their rights that, as Americans, our government is established to protect. Magnolia Intermediate School's 28th trip to Washington DC. 


Rep. LaMalfa greets Georgie and Griff at the World War II memorial. These veterans were visiting DC with Shasta County Honor Flight, a program that flies veterans to Washington DC to visit the memorials built to honor their service to the nation. 


Rep. LaMalfa discusses reforms to the VA with Bob Dole, a WWII veteran and former candidate for President of the United States.


Rep. LaMalfa presents Republic of Korea’s Deputy Consul General Jung Yoon Ho with a memorial wreath at Shasta County’s 26th annual Korean War Veterans Appreciation Luncheon. Sixty-five years ago this month, the Korean War broke out. Although it is known as the “forgotten war” we will not forget the bravery and the sacrifice of the Americans who fought and served their country. Thank you to the hundreds who came out for the event to remember and honor all Korean War Veterans.