July 19th-- Updates on California's Water and Highlights from DC

Jul 19, 2015
Past E-Newsletters

Dear Friend,

This past week, the House passed H.R. 2898, the Western Water and American Food Security Act, and sent it off to the Senate with a vote of 245-176. Sponsored by Rep. Valadao from California, myself, and two dozen bipartisan cosponsors, this bi-partisan measure would send more water to Western homes and farms this year, protect state water laws, improve protection of endangered species, and plan for the future by advancing new water storage infrastructure. I also worked hard to ensure that this bill includes North State priorities. The measure includes two amendments I authored to accelerate completion of Sites Reservoir and prevent other water projects, such as the Bureau of Reclamation-operated Klamath Project, from getting caught up in regulatory red tape. California cannot continue to be America's agricultural breadbasket without the necessary infrastructure to manage our water responsibly. To learn more, click here.

Rep. LaMalfa gives his remarks during the debate on the House floor before the passage of H.R. 2898. To watch his comments during the debate, click here.

The passage of H.R. 2898 is a win for each and every Californian, and signifies progress towards bringing relief to the West in the midst of this devastating drought.


Doug LaMalfa

Highlights from Washington, DC

Rep. LaMalfa responds to President Obama's Iranian Nuclear deal. To view his speech on the House Floor, click here.

This past week the President announced his recently reached nuclear deal with Iran, beginning the count-down of 60 days that Congress has to review and weigh in on the deal. I believe the administration has placed far too much faith in the Iranian regime--it is foolish to trust Iran to adhere to the terms of this agreement. Iran cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, and the Iran deal will fail to accomplish that goal. I am urging my fellow Members of the House to reject President Obama’s Iran deal.

Rep. LaMalfa speaks on the House Floor in response to the President's announcements to designate 330, 000 acres of the North State as public lands. To view his comments, click here.

The President also announced his plan to designate over 330,000 acres of Northern California, including parts of Yolo, Solano, Napa, Lake, Mendocino, Glenn and Colusa Counties. This marks the 19th time that President Obama has created or expanded public lands under the Antiquities Act of 1906 -- an act intended be an emergency option to curb looting in small archeological sites in the southwest, which specifically directs the president to limit the designation to the smallest area possible. To designate over a third of a million acres in one state overnight is not only a serious abuse of power, it is a serious misrepresentation of the intent of the law itself.

Rep. LaMalfa meets with Andrew Broad, member of Australian Parliament who represents Mallee, Victoria which has many similarities to the North State, especially its agricultural economy. Rep. LaMalfa discussed his work on the House Agricultural Committee and how the two counties could learn from each other. 


Rep. LaMalfa meets with Rikaela Cook, participant in Future Farmers of America, an organization for those interested in a future in agriculture and leadership. Rep. LaMalfa and Rikaela discuss how H.R. 2898 will bring much needed water storage to California's farms.


Rep. LaMalfa visits with Skyler Garvey, a junior at Bitney Springs High School in Nevada City. Skyler is visiting Washington, DC this summer to attend the George Mason University's Journalism and Media Conference for Young People. The two conversed about the crucial role that a free press plays in a free society. 


This past week, I launched my Instagram account. To catch snapshots of what I am up to around the North State and across the country in Washington follow me here

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