2018 By The Numbers

  • 93,896Emails and Letters Sent to Constituents

My office maintains a strong organized system that helps me correspond with my constituents. This includes my responses to hundreds of letters, emails, and phone calls every week. If you would like to contact me regarding legislation. Please let me know.

  • 296Constituents Assisted with Casework

One of the most important services my office provides is a direct link to the federal government. Our office is often asked to assist with agencies such as Social Security, International Revenue Services, Veterans Affairs and many more. If you need help with a federal agency, please click here to fill out a casework request.

  • 128Veterans Helped

One of the most important responsibilities of my office is assisting veterans with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our veterans deserve the best possible care when their military service ends, and if you need assistance with the VA, please click here to fill out a casework request.