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Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Representing the 1st District of California

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May 26, 2016 Press Release
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today supported an amendment to include the entirety of the House’s California drought relief bill (HR 2898) in a Senate bill, forcing any conference committee to consider the bill.
May 25, 2016 Press Release
Rep. LaMalfa (R-CA) today released the following statement on the House’s passage of H.R. 897, the Zika Vector Control Act.
May 19, 2016 Press Release
Rep. LaMalfa today released the following statement on the House’s passage of H.R. 5243, the Zika Response Appropriations Act of 2016.
May 13, 2016 Press Release
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today voted in support of the Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2015, H.R. 1818. The measure, which passed the House on a vote of 415-1, would assist veterans with military EMT training in obtaining the necessary certifications at the state level to become civilian EMTs.
May 5, 2016 Press Release
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) announced that he has introduced the Guides and Outfitters Act (GO Act), H.R. 5129. The GO Act will continue to make recreation services available to the public and renew the authorization for outfitter and guide permits while eliminating bureaucratic red tape.
May 2, 2016 Press Release
Rep. Doug LaMalfa ‎(R-CA) today participated in the groundbreaking of the Hamilton City J-Levee project, which will replace 6.8 miles of 110-year old levee to protect Hamilton City's 2,000 residents from flooding. The project has received over $30 million in Federal funding and is slated to receive an additional $8.5 million in the 2017 federal budget. Following passage of the 2017 federal budget, the project will have 90% of required funding on hand.
Apr 29, 2016 Press Release
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today voted for a measure he was an original co-sponsor of, the Email Privacy Act (H.R. 699), which passed the House of Representatives 418-0.
Apr 18, 2016 Press Release
Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today voted in support of the No Rate Regulation of Broadband Internet Access Act, H.R. 2666. This measure rolls back an FCC proposal to seize control of internet access and mandate Americans’ internet access costs.
Apr 6, 2016 Press Release

Richvale, CA – Richvale, CA – Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) today commented on the agreement that Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, California Governor Jerry Brown, and Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed.

Mar 17, 2016 Press Release
Veterans can now work directly with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to resolve debt collection issues resulting from inappropriate or delayed Choice Program billing. In step with MyVA’s efforts to modernize VA’s customer-focused, Veteran-centered services capabilities, a Community Care Call Center has been set up for Veterans experiencing adverse credit reporting or debt collection resulting from inappropriately billed Choice Program claims.


In The News

Feb 19, 2016 In The News
Rep. LaMalfa tours the Good News Rescue Mission's facilities Wednesday, including its nearly finished Victory House.
Dec 14, 2015 In The News

WASHINGTON, Dec. 11, 2015 - A frustrated group of House Republicans from California today declared drought relief legislation for their parched state dead for the year.

Sep 14, 2015 In The News

His Holiness Pope Francis of the Holy See has accepted an invitation to address Congress on September 24, 2015. The Joint Meeting will begin promptly at 10 a.m. ET. Following the address, Pope Francis will make a brief public appearance on the steps of the U.S. Capitol facing the West Lawn.

Sep 1, 2015 In The News

Western Sierra Medical Clinic has been approved as a registered health care provider for the Veterans Choice Program.

Clinic officials began offering the closer-to-home health services last week to veterans in the region.

Jul 17, 2015 In The News


WASHINGTON, July 16, 2015 - House Republicans ignored a White House veto threat and passed a drought relief bill that's sure to face staunch opposition in the Senate. The vote was 245-176 with only five Democrats voting for approval.

Jul 10, 2015 In The News

Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are trading barbs over competing legislation to address drought impacts in California.

California lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives are mostly talking at each other as they tout competing measures aimed at easing impacts from the state’s historic drought.

Jun 14, 2015 In The News

On Tuesday, the California High-Speed rail project will finally start construction of the route, when crews will start building the viaduct allowing the train to cross the Fresno River, Highway 145 and Raymond Road near Madera. The construction will start three years after the date initially estimated by the rail authority.

Jun 2, 2015 In The News

Julie R. Johnson/Glenn County Transcript

Funding for the J Levee flood control project near Hamilton City continues to move through the required congressional steps. The latest push forward was the Senate Appropriations Committee approval of $15 million for this fiscal year.




May 16, 2013 Video

<p>Representative Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) is a co-sponsor of HR-45 that would repeal the Obama Healthcare Takeover. Obamacare increase taxes, healthcare costs, removes choice and will inject the IRS into the lives of Americans to an even greater extent. Now is the time to repeal the law.</p>

May 16, 2013 Video

<p>Representative Doug LaMalfa spoke on the House floor in favor of the Full Faith and Credit Act which would ensure America does not default on its debt. The bill ensures that mandatory spending items are paid first with incoming tax receipts in order to remove the threat of a government shutdown.</p>

May 16, 2013 Video

<p>Representative Doug LaMalfa criticized the poor handling of the FAA sequester cuts by the Obama Administration. Despite having latitude to make reductions in low priority spending the administration forced a less than 5% budget reduction to impact 40% of all flights in the country.</p>